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The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's!


Dr. Giurgius is one of the advisors of a non-profit movement that was by founded students at UCLA. They seek to help other young people become more aware of older adults and the Alzheimer's epidemic by having love, compassion, and respect for the baby boomer generation.



We are a group of young people across the U.S. in college, high school, and graduate school that is slapping awake other young people. We aim to get younger people to have more love, compassion, and respect for those who are older; through that we know that they will start to care more about their issues, namely Alzheimer's disease, our nation's biggest epidemic.


Younger people must realize that "old people" are just younger people from the past! So, we tell our friends: "Look into the eyes of those who are older and see the YOU & YOUTH in them."

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